Countryingoing call $.outgoig call $.outgoig sms $.SMS MENU$GPRS 1MB-$Local NetEu to Eu
Standart +0.0000.7500.4500.1000.2500.250-
Global Sim0.0000.7500.2000.1000.2500.250-
Cash Back SIM-card0.0000.5500.3500.1000.4700.280-
Euro Sim0.0000.7500.2000.1000.2500.250-
Direct Sim0.0000.7500.4500.1000.0500.250-

The connection fee intranetwork is 0.04$ in countries, where incoming call is free.
Balance refill is effected in national currency and the amount becomes reflected on the account by the corresponding of current commercial rate of JSC





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