GlobalCell subscribers can use a new service - ZeroBalance!  

If you do not have enough amount of balance for making calls, you don’t have to wait for someone to call any more. Now you can inform any addressee that you are awaiting a call from him!

GlobalCell subscribers can make the outgoing calls to the addressee, despite a zero balance; an addressee will receive an incoming call and will be able to call back to the subscriber.

A subscriber will receive a call in 2 cases:

a) if is in such country, where an incoming call is free;

b) a subscriber has a balance of an amount enough for minimum 1 minute incoming call cost  (in countries, where an incoming call is chargeable).

Important information:

  • The service is totally free;
  • The service is activated automatically;
  • The service is available for the following products: standard SIM-card, Standard + SIM-card, Global SIM;
  • The service is not available in countries, where an extra fees operate.