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GlobalCell Subscribers, who hava the following products: Global SIM; SIM Standard+; Global Chat SIM and Euro SIM are able to call to Georgian mobile numbers from any country of the world, and have  0.09 USD from the second minute! 
  • The rate is activated automatically;
  • The cost of the outgoing call amounts to: the standard rate of first minute of the outgoing call from the country, but cost of each following minute is only 0.09 USD;
  • Standard dialing format: 0000 995 YYY XX XX XX (number) and OK; for example: 0000995559000000 and OK.
  • Alternative dialing format: *146* 0000 995 YYY XX XX XX (number) # and OK; for example: *146*0000995559000000# and OK. 

For additional information, please contact us:  110 007



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Sale on World Teacher’s Day, on the 5th of October!

13:26 - 01.10.2019
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Globalcell wishes you happy Saint Ketevani's Day!

17:17 - 25.09.2019
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