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If you already have “SIM Standard +”, in addition to an European number (+372XXXXXXXX) , you may also have American number (+1 XXXXXXXXXX). Your friends and family are given a possibility to reach you at Global Cell European number, as well as to an American number and apply lower rates!
The general rules of American number application are:
  • you shall have a product: “SIM Standard +”;  
  • You shall be in following countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
  • If you shall leave the listed countries for more than 60 days, the number shall be cancelled;
  • In case you’ll visit the listed countries after 60 days, you are allowed to activate an American number;
  • American number:
o   Activation: *146*320# and OK
o   Deactivation: *146*321# and  OK
o   Status check: *146*322# and OK
  • After activation, you will receive SMS including your American number starting with +1.
  • You have incoming / outgoing calls and incoming / outgoing SMSs within your American number.
  • In addition to the above listed countries, in order to use the American number, you should call: 11 00 07
  • In case you have number stating with 372 and wish to have an American number, you should also call to: 11 00 07
Rates for American number:
  • Incoming call:
American number (+1 XXXXXXXXXX) – 1min  0.20 USD
European number: (+372 YX XXXXXX) – free (in up to 150 countries)
  • Incoming SMS:
American number (+1 XXXXXXXXXX) – free
European number: (+372 YX XXXXXX) - free
  • Outgoing call/SMS:
standard rate applying for „SIM Standard+“


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