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Global-SMS- is standard short text message service from  “Global cell”, which allows you  to send  receive SMS over the world, more than 190 countries.

Standard SMS – from 0.05$
  • Write SMS text in MENU>Messages>SMS>New.. It is very easy! there is no new
  • Travel SMS - 0.10 $
  • Send SMS, enter you mobile phone Global Menu>Send Travel SMS, dial recipient’s number with international format. e.g. 00995 592 420 200, write text, and OK. On the screen will appear - message sent-
  • SMS 15 cent (Europe )
  • SMS 25 cent (Egypt)
  • SMS 25 cent (Turkey)
  • SMS 15 cent (Russia)   

Send SMS on the number of “ Global cell”

  • Send SMS on “Global cell” dial +3725YXXXXXX.
  • Send from web site  free SMS to the “Global cell” number without daily limit

Important information!
  • Global SMS is automatically activated as other mobile services on all the SIM card
  • To use this service, necessary balance  is minimum 5 USD. (in a case if you are sending standard SMS)
  • Short text message unit consist maximum 160 symbols.
  • Received SMS automatically will be saved in a memory of your mobile, if do not delete.
  • SMS center number is: +3725099000
  • Incoming SMS is free.



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