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22:42 - 01.09.2010

Global-GPRS/3G  is “Global cell” service, which allows to use mobile internet over the world. For the proper working it is necessary to write internet parameters in your mobile special menu.

GPRS/WAP parameters manually setting

  • APN:
  • Username: “Global cell” number  3725YXXXXXX (11 digits)
  • Password: leave blank (No password )

Important information:
  • For use GPRS necessary minimum balance is 10$
  • Protecting the interests of subscribers, to avoid  an uncontrolled expense, all the number mobile internet limit is 50$/month
  • Subscribers may, with own discretion, increase limit with combination *146*891* limit amount# and OK.  To set up limit account, it is necessary, that limit amount must be on your balance, or if you want your internet limit 200$, 200$ must be on your balance.
  • Exhaustion of limit 80% you will receive SMS
  • Information of limit completely exhaustion will receive by SMS.
  • We made unique ability to install internet WAP/GPRS/3G automatic configuration. (check Global Installer)

Please,  check  GPRS – tariffs


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