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Product name:

SIM Standard +


Product cost:

Upon first SIM purchase: 

With the purchase of the second and every following SIM: 


20 GEL

 15 GEL

Coverage area:

Up to 200 countries

Free incoming calls:

150 countries

Outgoing calls

From 0,09$

Outgoing SMS

From 0,05$


From 0,005$



  „SIM Standard +“ is one of Global Cell’s products with index 37253, 37254, 37257, 37259 or 37281.

SIM card operation/coverage zone includes more than 200 countries and in most of them an incoming call is free (including almost the whole Europe, USA etc.), and outgoing call rates are unbelievably low. Follow the link for detailed rates.

Calls to Georgian mobile numbers 0.09 USD from the second minute.

Internet packages on SIM with desirable amount of megabytes can be activated in a range of countries. Deactivation of existing Internet-package and activation of new package at any convenient time for you is available automatically. Detailed description of packages can be seen at the following link .

SMS discount activation is available on SIM, by which you will be able to send SMS for special price (discount) by standard way during 100 days. Follow a link for the detailed description of the offer.

SMS package can be purchased by SIM card – subscribers will use SMS package in a certain countries within the offer, the cost of the offer is 5$, within which t is available to send 100 SMS in any direction (the package is valid for 30 days). See a detailed information about the offer at the following link .

An offer can be activated on SIM card – “Outgoing call to Georgia – 29 cent per minute” – subscribers call to Georgia from a certain number of countries for 0.29$, the cost of activation is 3$, operation/validity term is 360 days. See detailed information about the offer at the following link.

An offer – “25 cents from the second minute” – can be activated on SIM – subscribers from certain countries will call to any direction for 0.25$ per minute from the second minute, offer activation cost is 0.99$, operation/validity term is 360 days. Detailed information about the offer can be seen at the following link.

Only for the "SIM Standard +"  sim-cards for outgoing calls from USA, Puerto Rico to USA, Puerto Rico, Canada is valid a special rate 0.29 USD/min

Up to 40 mobile services are activated on SIM card absolutely for free and automatically.

Informational Services



Other services



 ! Restricted connection with numbers starting with 371

! In order to save your international number for an unlimited period, it is essential to use  least one paid service throughout every calendar year. 



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