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11:50 - 31.05.2011


  • To call from  Globalcell, dial the number in international format + 995 (country code), XX (city or mobile operator index) and the subscriber number. For example:  00995 322 420 200. Press the call button, the screen will appear the text "Wait for call, Balance IS ... (your current balance)." In a few seconds you will receive an incoming call. Just answer the call and talk with the recipient!

00995 322 420 200

  • Alternative rule to call from Globalcell: If your mobile phone has not USSD support, incoming calls and sms you will get as usual, but for out calls you will need special prefix: dial * 146 * 00 (country code) (city code) (phone number) # and press the call button. For example: * 146 * 00995322420200 # and OK. You can save that format number in your mobile.


  • Second alternative to call from Globalcell: to make a call from Globalcell, you can use the "GLOBALMENU "’s  menu  "CALL". Dial the number in international format, and the dial 00 instead of "+".  For example: 00 995 322 420 200.

00 995 322 420 200                                                        

Important Information!

  • Special parameters: If your mobile phone model is (Samsung Duos, iPhone, LG, Blackberry) or any China mobile phone,  you will fix parameters only once, with the following data: Enter the search GlobalMenu, then Settings, click OK, dial code: 1101 and press the button: OK. (Menu> Globalmenu> Settings> OK> 1101> OK). In dual SIM phones  you must use  first SIM place for Globalcell.
  • Network selection: because of technical factors, your phone maybe not fix host operator's network, in this case, you have to  select network manually: in mobile menu find menu of networks, select network from AUTOMATIC to manual mode. You will see the codes of operators and names of the companies, whose coverage area you are. You can select aspirational mobile operator.

How can people call me on Globalcell number?

To call from Georgia:  from mobile  dial 00 372 YY XXXXXX,

From the city's fixed numbers  dial 00 372 YY XXXXXX or 1010/1016/1018 00 372 YY XXXXXX



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