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Our subscribers can use free mobile internet (GPRS), till January 1 in 2013, in European countries and in Turkey!

Important information!

  • Offer is valid till January 1 in 2013.
  • Subscribers who have already used the free internet - 5MB, they will not be able to use free mobile internet again, and subscribers who used internet partial, will be able to use completely
  • Rounding up 100 KB
  • Subscribers can use Free Internet in internal as well as in other network registration.
  • Subscribers who have Android type mobile phone after using internet it is necessary to restart your mobile


For example:

1.  If “Global cell” subscriber is in Greece, First use “Free mobile internet” next standard package, if it is activated “everyday GPRS package”, and re-usage tariff is Greece’s GPRS tariff.
2.  If “Global cell” subscriber is in Germany and use only 3MB and next 2MB can use after going to Italy. After “Free internet” limit can use standard package, if it is activated “everyday GPRS package”, tariff is according to country tariffs.

GPRS/WAP manually configuration:

  • APN:
  • Username: “Global  cell” number 3725YXXXXXX (11 digits)
  • Password: blank  (No password )

Use unlimited “Global GPRS” and enjoy the best quality in the world!



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