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ship.jpgGlobal cell” permanently offers innovative services to its subscribers. The Company is also a leader in the telecommunication market, which permanently offers the cheapest services in roaming in the open Sea, to On board ship sailors.

This unique agreement arranged on May 6, from this year. When the lists of “Global cell” partners added Company “Sea net”.


From now “Global cell” subscribers can have a mobile connection in the open Sea, use mobile phone with a “Global cell” SIM card, to call, receive and send SMS.

    “Sea net” tariffs for “Global cell” subscribers:

  • Incoming call – 0.45 $/min
  • Outgoing call – 0.95 $/min
  • Standard SMS – 0.40 $/min

There are 36 ships in the coverage area, see next: seanet



Which service do you use most often?

Where I can buy a sim card?