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12:20 - 09.04.2013


Globalcell subscribers can use the new service conference calls by calling on a number +372993.  "Conference calls" the maximum number of participants are 10.  "Conference call" tariff: Globalcell subscriber, who will organize a conference call pays for the cost of all the outgoing calls.


 Important Information:

  •  Globalcell customer (customer A) should call on telephone number +372993
  • Subscriber (A) should press the button (*) for adding subscribers to conference call. If the demands are not fulfilled within 10 seconds you need to press key (*) again.
  • Numbers should be typed on international format: 00 372 YY XXXXXX/+372 YY XX XXXX/372 YY XXXXXX, If a call (B1) is failed to connect (wrong number or unanswered call), the subscriber (A) may be able to use voice mail.
  • While subscriber A is adding other numbers, subscriber B listens to music.
  • If the conference has been involved 9 customer while adding 10th costumer subscriber A receives the voice -mail messages about maximum number of conference members.
  • If subscriber A complete calls all calls will be completed.
  • If one of the costumer (not call organizer) hang up the line, all other subscribers remain online.
  • The system automatically gives a voice messages to subscriber A that someone hang up the phone. According that costumer A is always able to know how many participant are online.


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