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Product name:

Global SIM


Product cost:

Upon first SIM purchase:

With the purchase of the second and every following SIM:


20 GEL

15 GEL

Coverage area:

Up to 200 countries

Free incoming calls:

Up to 130 countries

Mobile internet

Up to 170 countries(3G/4G)

Outgoing calls

From 0.09 $

Outgoing SMS

From 0.05$


From 0.009$


SMS package

GPRS packages

Special tariff

Minute packages

Internet tariff


Detailed description of the product:

Global SIM is one of GlobalCell’s products with index 37282.

Using of Global SIM while traveling to up to 200 countries worldwide, the following is available: to receive and make calls, to receive and send SMS, to use Internet.

Receiving of calls to SIM is free in up to 130 countries worldwide, including almost to whole Europe, USA etc.; and in single countries of the world an incoming call is chargeable and the cost differs according the countries.

Calls to Georgian mobile numbers 0.09 USD from the second minute.

Receiving of SMS to SIM is free in every country.

The cost of the call made from the SIM depends on the country, where the subscriber presents – in any direction (except of internal network*).

* an internal network rate defines from 0.25$ and the cost depends on the call receiver’s index:

  • The rate of call to numbers starting with 37282 is internal network
  • To other numbers starting with 372 index the cost is determined by 0.25$ per minute plus 0.04$ one-time (call starting cost);

The cost of SMS from SIM depends on the SMS sending method:

  • SMS can be sent in standard way, from Global Menu or within SMS package:
  • The cost of the SMS sent in a standard way depends on the country, where the subscriber presents and it is determined from 0.10$;
  • The cost of SMS sent from Global Menu amounts to  0.10$ despite the country, the subscriber is visiting;
  • The cost of SMS sent within SMS package is 0.05$.
The cost of the package is 5$,
The number of SMS – 100;
Activation - *146*921*1# and OK;
Status - *146*922*1# and OK;
Deactivation - *146*920*1# and OK;

 Internet can be used for standard rate or within GPRS package:

  • Standard rate of internet application depends on the country, where the subscriber presents and the cost for 1 MB is determined from0.25$;
  • The cost of internet within GPRS package depends on the volume of Internet package and the cost of 1 MB is determined from 0.05$.
 *146*941* package code  # OK -  package deactivation;
 *146*942* package code  # OK – status check.

GPRS packages 


Up to 40 mobile services, absolutely free, are activated automatically on a SIM. 

 !Restricted connection with numbers starting with 371.

!In order to save your international number for an unlimited period, it is essential to use  least one paid service throughout every calendar year.



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