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Global cell" is a new Georgian mobile operator and an international mobile operator agent in Georgia; According this  Globalcell offers multi number SIM card with Georgian, European and American numbers.

  • Coverage of the world's 200 countries
  • Free incoming calls in 164 countries
  • Special discounts on umbers
  • Sophisticated and ever-innovative Products and Services
  • Free courier service when purchasing a SIM card (over Tbilisi)
  • 24-hour call center, and LIVE CHAT. (In any country  for the first 3 minutes of the call-center calls are free)
  • Balance filling up with approved methods: instant payment terminals, Global card- feeds, telephone banking, SMS banking, any branch of any bank, the site:;;;;;
  • Outgoing calls from $ 0.25
  • Calls in  internal network $ 0.25
  • SMS lowest tariff (Global menu) 0.10 $
  • Internet  IN 130 countries from $ 0,19
  • SIM-card with Georgian, European and American numbers

                                         "Global cell" offers the following products:
  • Georgian numbers – numbers  with  559 Index , which are the best offer for  Georgians, who are aboard.
  • Standard SIM card - a standard GSM SIM-card, which is involved in the world’s  mobile network.
  • Global SIM - the lowest tariffs on incoming and outgoing calls, outgoing SMS  and mobile internet.
  • Sim Standard + - SIM card for the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.
  • Cash Back SIM-card - SIM-card specifically for the United States.
  • Gold numbers - numbers with a beautiful combination of numbers.
  • British number – number with index – 44
  • Global card – for filling up balance
Telecommunication services of the international SIM-cards are provided by the international/European Mobile Operator Top Connect.

The new product from Globalcell 
Globalcell subscribers have the unique opportunity, during  traveling to the world's 200 countries, to use European  with Globalcell-‘s Georgian number (995 559 XXXXXX). The best offer for Georgians who are aboard:
  • You will be able to receive calls on  the  Georgian number  in 200 countries.
  • From Georgia  calls to you  will the same at local rates.
  • Will save  for your or your friends costs.
  • Use a variety of services

You have  the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of using the Georgian number:
Buy Georgian number with our international number and divert calls to foreign number, on which you want to receive calls. Incoming calls will be free on the foreign number. From Georgia on your “Global cell” Georgian number they will call you with local tariffs.
  • Call Forwarding from Global cell phone number with the following combination: * 146 * 081 * 00 [country code] [city or mobile index] [number] # and OK.
  • Call forwarding on Georgian number - Buy a "Global cell" Georgian gold number and forward calls and SMS on your private Georgian mobile number! Forwarding "Global cell" Georgian number on other Georgian phone mobile phone number is free of charge. Also you will not be charged with any fees or charges for using the service redirects.
  • "Add" Georgian number - if you already use our SIM - card, buy Global cell Georgian number and get a double benefit - from Georgia on your “Global cell” Georgian number  with local tariffs.  We're helping to save communication costs for you and your loved ones.
  • Porting - any Georgian mobile operator can use porting service with his number!

Use porting service and take advantage of the lowest tariffs!
1. You maintain your number
2. Receive calls in 200 countries in all over the world
3. From Georgia they will call you with  the  local tariffs.  

Important information:
Porting is available  to "Global Cell" as well as from “ Global cell". Anyone can visit at the "Global cell" head office and acquire 559 Index Georgian number, then the desired operator to porting request. 
Georgian numbers can be purchased at "Global cell" head office and service centers! 

"Global cell" offers the following services: 
  • Global CALL - service allows subscribers to get and make calls in more then 200 countries.
  • Global SMS - service allows subscribers to get and send short text messages in more then 200 countries.
  • Free SMS - service allows to send SMS to GlobalCell subscribers from our web-site for free and unlimited.
  • Personal Profile - service allows subscribers to get full access and control all information about the SIM card.
  • Check Balance - service allows subscribers to check current balance of the SIM card absolutely free.
  • Call me - service allows subscribers, to connect with their relatives even when they are running out of balance.
  • Who called? – service  allows subscribers to find out who have called them, when their phone has been disconnected (during last 4 hours).
  • Voice Mail – service allows subscribers to record personal voice messages instead of standard auto voice messages.
  • Mobile Translator - service allows subscribers to request high-level translator service in more than 150 languages.
  • Balance Reminder - service allows subscribers to control the balance of the sudden exhaustion, as soon as balance is  reduced to $ 10, subscriber will automatically receive a warning SMS.
  • Call waiting - service allows subscribers to receive several incoming calls at the same time and make the call waiting while they are busy.
  • Global help- service gives subscribers the opportunity to contact us at any time from 200 countries on the following numbers  110007, 00995322420200  for free (within 3 minutes).
  • Time - service allows subscribers to get information about current time.
  • Global info – service allows subscribers  to receive SMS about local rates of country they’re in.
  • Number info - service allows subscribers to inform their relatives about their Globalcell number.
  • Rates info – service allows subscribers to find any country’s mobile code and local rates.
  • Currency (usd, eur) - service allows subscribers to get information about  the National Bank's exchange rate.
  • Telephone banking - service allows subscribers to use a debit card (Visa or MasterCard) to fill the balance by calling the call center.
  • How much you save – service gives subscribers the opportunity to compare Globalcell and local operator rates  and find how much they save.
  • Call forwarding - service allows subscribers to divert calls from local numbers to a GlobalCell, as well as from the Globalcell to local numbers.
  • Voice messages on the mail –service allows subscribers to get a voice message on the mail by audio files, which they can download and listen.
  • SMS currency – service allows subscribers to get the National Bank's exchange rates everyday during the month. 



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