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Exactly 8 years ago, on April 6, 2009, a company, which allows you to use SIM-cards connected to world network and apply free calls in roaming, was established in Georgia!

In connection with this celebration, actions’ boom in Global Cell goes on!
Be attend, we won’t leave you without a present on any celebration!

In relation to company’s 8th anniversary we offer exclusive SIM-cards for Europe (EURO SIM), for symbolic price – 8 GEL, only on April 6, 2017.
EURO SIM a SIM-card without call back, with free calls in roaming!

Product name


Cost within an offer     

8 GEL  

Coverage zone

82 countries

Free incoming calls

72 countries

Mobile Internet

80 countries

Outgoing call

From 0.05$

Outgoing SMS

From 0.05$


From 0.05$

Offers applying to product

SMS package

Internet package

 Product detailed description

EURO SIM is a product of Global Cell, with index 37282, using of zhich is available in more than 80 countries calls, SMSs, mobile internet.

Major advantages are:
1. Outgoing call from EU to EU for only 0.15$;
2. Outgoing calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg fixed numbers 0.05$;
3. Outgoing calls to other fixed numbers of Russia 0.15$;
4. Outgoing calls to Russia mobile numbers 0.29$;
5. Installation of internet parameters is implemented automatically and you will be able to apply 3G / 4G Internet.**
6. Outgoing calls from EU to other countries – 0.49$;
7. Detailed tariffs ;
8. Extra tariffs.

  • Receiving of SMS to Sim-card is free in all countries.
  • Intranet tariff is determined in an amount of 0.25$ per minute plus 0.04$ once (call start cost).
There are up to 40 mobile services activated on a SIM-card, absolutely for free:

-    Global Help
-    Balance / number checking
-    Free calls from Skype
-    Free calls from Viber
-    Free calls from Facebook
-    Free calls from web-site
-    Call forwarding service
-    Private profile
-    Who called
-    Voice mail
-    Call waiting
-    Free SMSs from web-site
-    Mobile translator
-    Personal assistant

  Applying an offer and SIM-card purchasing is available on April 6, 2017

At the Head office and service-centers of company Global Cell:

Head Office: Address: Melikishvilis str. #18
Working days and hours: Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 19:00
Saturday – Sunday:  from10:00 to 16:00

Saburtalo service-center:
Address: Pekini str. 37
Working days and hours: every day from 11:00 – 20:00

Vake service-center:
Address: I. Chavchavadze str. 34 (trade center “Pixel”, at “Goodwill” cashiers)
Working days and hours: every day from 11:00 – 20:00

Airport service-center:
Address: Tbilisi International Airport
Working days and hours: every day 24 hours (24/7)

For additional information please call:
110007 (from Georgia)
+995 322 420200 (from any part of the world)

Product detailed description can be seen at link.





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